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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Thank you for your interest in The Wine Room. If you're a wine lover looking for more information on The Wine Room and how our winemaking process works, you've come to the right place. Below please find a series of FAQ's that you may find helpful. As always, should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 856.424.9463 or by email at

What is a Hands on Winery?

A Hands on Winery is a facility where people go to make thier owe wine.  At The Wine Room, you will use small winery equipment (grape crushers/destemmers, wine presses, etc.) to turn high-quality grapes into your own, exceptional vintage. Our master winemakers will explain and demonstrate, but then you will actually do the work to make the wine. Please wear old clothes, as winemaking can be messy!

How long do the sessions last?

You will come in with your group for your private winemaking session, and we suggest you bring some snacks and plan to stay with us for 1 to 1-1/2 hours. We ask that you arrive about 20 minutes before your scheduled time, so we can get you settled at a table in the winery. There will be wines to sample, and you can visit with your group until we call you to work. We will take you through your winemaking step (crushing, pressing, bottling, etc) in about 40 minutes, and then you can finish up with snacks and tastings - and please clean up the table so it is ready for our next group!

How many people in a group?

The rule of thumb is one case per person. When there are too many people making a very small quantity of wine, the sessions can become over-crowded and it is difficult for each winemaker to actually participate in the winemaking process.

How much does it cost / what is included?

The price is based on the variety and quantity of wine you wish to make, not how many people are in the group. We make wine by the full barrel (20 cases - 240 bottles), half barrel (10 cases - 120 bottles), and quarter barrel (5 cases - 60 bottles). Some grapes are more expensive than others, so check our current Varietal Menu for exact prices. Our goal is to have you make exceptional wines for $10 - $12 per bottle.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes!  Winemaking is an excellent gift for any wine enthusiast. Gift certificates are printed for a set amount that can be applied to making a quarter, half or full barrel of wine!  Send requests for Gift Certificates to, and a certificate can be mailed to you or directly to the gift recipient.  Note that each certificate is personalized, so please be sure to include the name of the recipient, and how the saluation should be worded (ie. John James, Love Mary and the kids).

When does the winemaking season start?

Since we only make wine from fresh grapes, we can only start the winemaking process when the grapes are inseason.  We have two winemaking seasons per year: California wines are started in the fall (Sept - Nov) and Chilean wines are started in the spring (April-May).

We encourage you to sign up on The Wine Room of Cherry Hill mailing list, so we can send you invitations to attend the Open Houses that lead up to each winemaking season. An Open House is a great opportunity to see what winemaking is all about, and to place an order for the grapes you will need to make your own world-class wine!

What is the commitment?

Financially, you will pay for the amount of wine you wish to make (see: How much does it cost?). Your time commitment is three to four visits over a ten month period. Each visit will be approximately 1 to 1- 1/2 hours long (see: How long do the sessions last?). California wines are started in the fall and bottled the following summer, and Chilean wines are started in the spring and bottled at the end of the following winter.

What do I wear / will I get dirty?

Winemaking is messy, so we strongly suggest you wear older clothes and come in prepared to work!  We always have help available if there is any heavy lifting to be done, otherwise we expect everyone will be able to participate in making the wine!

When can I drink the wine I make?

Our winemaking method makes wines that are ready for drinking the day you bottle them. Wines will continue to evolve and mellow in the bottle, so over time you may notice subtle changes to your wine. We do not fill our wines with preservatives, so we expect you to drink the wine you make with us during the next five years. They are not made to be aged for longer periods of time.

How do I order labels?

You can view the 100+ labels from our website, but only winemakers can order labels.   Once you have signed up to make wine with us, we provided you a login to use to view your orders, schedule sessions and order labels.  When ordering your labels, you will type in exactly what you want printed and view the results on the screen.  Once you have finished, you "submit" the labels and they are sent to our printer for printing.  Once printed, they are mailed to The Wine Room so they are ready for your bottling session.

Can I get custom labels?

Yes, you can order custom labels.  Our printer charges $50 for the graphics work, the actual printing fee is included in your barrel price.  The process would be to order the labels online, choosing custom as the design type, then email any artwork to us.

What if I want different varieties?

The best answer is to make more barrels of wine, so you can have a selection of varieties at all times! You also have an option on our Varietal Menu to make mixed barrels of wine.  Some customer choose to make 2 half barrels if they want two different varieties.  It is also sometimes possible to trade cases with other winemakers.

Can I buy wine?

No, we are sorry, but The Wine Room of Cherry Hill does not have a liquor license, and cannot sell bottles of wine. What we can give you is the opportunity to make your own wine! To buy wines by the bottle, we invite you to visit our sister winery, Coda Rossa in Franklinville, NJ.

How / When do I pay?

When you place your order, we will work with you to calculate the total invoice amount.  We collect half the amount as a deposit so we can place your grape order. The rest is due by the second session (pressing). If you need to work out a different payment plan, just ask.

How many years can we use the barrel?

If you have rented a barrel, you will only use it for that one winemaking season. If you have purchased a new barrel, we will guarantee 6 years of use. If you have purchased a used barrel, we will guarantee 5 years of use. Winemakers are not assured of the exact same barrel for subsequent years, only a barrel of the same age (best available). We are happy to guide you in your selection of new or used barrels, depending on the wine you are making, so please ask!