Making Wine With Us

At The Wine Room you will use professional winery equipment, including authentic wine presses from Italy. You will bottle your wine with personalized labels so you can proudly share your vintage at casual gatherings or special occasions with guests, clients, or anyone who appreciates fine wine.

California wines can be made in the fall and bottled the following summer, and Chilean wines can be made in the spring and bottled the following winter, so any season is perfect for making your own wine! Winemaking takes place in just three to four visits to The Wine Room and day, evening, or weekend sessions are available, with each session lasting one to two hours.

How it Works

Session #1

Once you have chosen the wine you wish to make (from over 25 varieties), freshly harvested grapes arrive at The Wine Room, where you use professional winemaking equipment to efficiently de-stem and crush the grapes. (Foot stomping is purely optional!)

Session #2

Seven to ten days after crushing, you press your crushed grapes in authentic Italian wine presses. The wine is then pumped into American Oak barrels where it will continue to age and develop.

Session #3

Your barrel is "racked" to remove sediment from the maturing wine.

Session #4

Using small winery equipment you bottle, cork and cap your wine and attach personalized labels with your name as winemaker. Then you take your wine home to share and enjoy with family and friends!

Groups - Family, Friends, Co-workers

Interested winemakers can get involved in half or full barrels. We have individuals and couples making half barrels, groups of friends and co-workers making barrels, and families and neighborhoods making multiple barrels. At The Wine Room, we feel that winemaking is a celebration, so our sessions often become social events as much as educational courses.

The "work" portion of each session is about 30 minutes, but most people spend 1 – 1 ½ hours per session at The Wine Room. Groups arrive before their scheduled time, often with a tray of food to enjoy in our Tuscan café setting. They move to the winery area to perform the task at hand, and then wander back to their table to finish snacks and linger and visit in the quaint surroundings.

While most groups are comprised of two to ten people for each barrel of wine being made, the price is not based on the number of people you have participating. It is based on the variety and quantity of wine made, along with your choices of new or used barrels, bottles, corks, capsules and labels. The average total cost for making a half barrel of wine is $1,250 and $2,400 for a full barrel. Since each barrel yields 20 cases (240 bottles), that breaks down to around $10 per bottle. This is an extremely good savings, as you are hand-crafting wine that is easily comparable to $25 bottles from a liquor store. If you do not have a group, or do not want 60 or more bottles of wine, please consider joining our Winemaking Club.


“...Making our wine was a fun adventure, and we are delighted with our Syrah. Your staff is friendly and helpful, and we've learned so much about wines and winemaking. We're going through the wine quickly, so we'll be back next season to make more!...”

Scotty & John Gatsch

“...Our group always has a great time as we make our wines. It's an exciting way to spend time together, and the wines are always delicious in the end!...”

Carla Calloway

“...I know we keep making the same Super Tuscan (Sangiovese & Cabernet blend), but it's our favorite, and each season it comes out exactly right!...”

Linda & Joan